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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

epi Tutor consultation hour - Exam Paper B

Virtual classroom: 28.02.2024

Starts: 28.02.2024 16:00hrs
Ends: 28.02.2024 17:00hrs


Virtual classroom


epi Tutor consultation hour - onlyforepiStudents - self-enrolment on epi-learning

Each week, an experienced epi Tutor will be available for an hour to answer questions you may have relating to each one of the exam papers starting with Pre-examination (first week), with the other papers following in each of the next four weeks. The cycle of sessions will then repeat in 5 week blocks.

Registration will be via the epi-learning platform for each of the sessions. As an epi Student, you automatically have access to the epi-learning platform and you will be able to select whichever session(s) you would like to join. Your participation can be anonymous if you would prefer. Naturally, there will be a maximum number of participants for each session, but as there are multiple sessions per paper, you should be able to access a session for the paper(s) that you are interested in discussing with a tutor.

epi Students must register for this training on epi-learning but no fee is involved.


For further information, please contact Jacqueline Kalbe ([email protected]).

Online registration is disabled for this event. Please contact us for further information.