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Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Webinar: Claim drafting chemistry

Online: 04.09.2024

Starts: 04.09.2024 10:00hrs
Ends: 04.09.2024 11:00hrs




Claims both define the invention and delimit the scope of protection. Thus, they are at the core of every patent and yet was face the daily challenge to formulate claims that are just narrow enough and still inventive, while being clear. Let’s explore the many ways to define inventions in the chemical field, e.g. by product and process claims, use claims or chimeric mixtures of these, such as product-by-process claims or medical use claims. To that end, the chemical drafter toolbox must include: functional features, parameters, ranges, disclaimers and Markush formulae. Finally, the claims must zero-in on the technical effects often required for achieving chemical selection inventions, synergies, structure-activity-relationships or even more advanced evergreening techniques.

The webinar will be recorded and then only made available on our epi-learning platform to participants who have registered for the webinar.


  • Andrew Hards

Target group

Level of expertise
Intermediate level

Online training

Technical requirements
In order to attend the on-line course participants need a computer with an internet browser and a high-speed broadband internet connection. For the webinar, epi uses Zoom. Security settings on local Firewalls need to be checked. In order to make full use of the webinar session, we recommend to use headsets.

To access to the webinar epi sends out a link and the guidelines for participants shortly before the webinar.

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Working language

  • English

Registration fee

Participation fee (epi-member)
EUR 110,-
Participation fee (epi-student)
EUR 80,-
Participation fee (non epi-member)
EUR 210,-


For further information, please contact Noreen Osterlehner ([email protected]).

Minimum number of participants

*If the minimum number of participants was not reached by the registration deadline, the event will be cancelled. In this case the epi will inform you immediately.


Event has free slots available

Registration deadline

Registration is open until 01.09.2024 The order of receipt by epi will determine the attendance in case of over-subscription.