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Webinar: Collaboration with overseas patent colleagues from Japan

Online: 08.03.2023

Starts: 08.03.2023 10:00hrs
Ends: 08.03.2023 11:00hrs




Among the countries of origin of European patent applications, Japan has the third largest number of applications after the United States and Germany. This means that many European patent attorneys are involved in handling EP applications filed by Japanese applicants. This webinar is for such European patent attorneys who regularly handle applications coming from Japan.

It might appear that applications originating from Japan are not well drafted in view of the requirements for amendments under the EPC or are not clear enough due to translation issues, etc. In addition, instructions from Japan on amendments are often not in line with Article 123(2) EPC, have nothing to do with technical features or have no technical contribution.

In such cases, European patent attorneys have difficulties in understanding the inventions from Japan, amending the claims, finding bases for the amendments instructed and/or overcoming objections for patentability. This leads to more office action exchanges than necessary, which increases costs and time for the applicant and eventually fires back at the attorney.

This webinar aims at providing European patent attorneys with assistance to better understand and improve communication with their Japanese clients. At the same time, this webinar is not intended to explain current Japanese patent law and patent practice. Instead, the webinar intends to help European practitioners in understanding the mindset of Japanese clients and the differences in patent culture between Europe and Japan in patent matters.

Ms. Tomoko Inazumi is a European, German and Japanese patent attorney who worked in Japan until 2007 and has been working in Munich thereafter. She is experienced in all facets of attorney work including patent drafting, patent and design prosecution, opposition, and opinion work. Having spent over 25 years in the profession, Tomoko has gained significant IP experience with technical specialisations in various electro-mechanical technologies such as automobiles, heat pumps, LED displays, inspection devices, lasers, semiconductors and software-related inventions.

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