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Webinar: Collaboration with overseas patent colleagues from South Africa

Online: 14.12.2022

Starts: 14.12.2022 10:00hrs
Ends: 14.12.2022 11:00hrs




The webinar series is free of charge only for epi Members and epi Students.

"Collaboration with overseas patent colleagues"

In the practice of a patent attorney, it is important to cooperate with colleagues in other countries. Whereas European patent attorneys are generally most knowledgeable about the European and perhaps the national patent systems, it is necessary for them to have some knowledge of the practice in countries in which their clients also want to obtain patent protection. Further, overseas colleagues may have clients that want to obtain European patents, for which these overseas colleagues use European patent attorneys to act as a local patent agent.

This webinar will focus on the basic information patent attorneys in other jurisdictions should know about patent law in South Africa and two regional filing systems in Africa in order to advise their clients. The first regional system is ARIPO which provides for patent protection in 21 of the traditional English speaking African countries through a single application. The second is OAPI, a regional filing system covering 17 of the traditional French speaking countries in the north-west of Africa. In South Africa there is currently no substantive examination, although steps are being taken to introduce substantive examination. It is expected that this will happen within the next two years.

Bastiaan Koster is an attorney, registered patent attorney and trade mark practitioner with more than 30 years’ experience in IP matters. He originally qualified as an electronic engineer. He has advised clients about a wide range of topics including plant breeders’ rights. He enjoys looking at the commercial aspect of IP protection. He previously served as the president of the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law (SAIIPL) and the president of the International Federation of IP Attorneys in Private Practice (FICPI).

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  • Bastiaan Koster

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The webinar series is only for epi Members and epi Students.

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