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Webinar on Patent litigation in France: specifics for national proceedings and a future prospect in light of the UPC

Online: 20.03.2024

Starts: 20.03.2024 10:00hrs
Ends: 20.03.2024 11:00hrs




With the start of the UPC patentees will have the choice to litigate their European patents either before the UPC or before a national court. In this series of webinars the specifics of patent litigation before the national courts will be considered per country. In each webinar a specialist in the area of national and international litigation will highlight what procedural and substantial issues are specific for that country’s court proceedings and these will be put into relation with the proceedings that will be possible before the UPC. In that way a better choice can be made to either use the national court procedures or the UPC.

France is one of the hot spots for patent litigation in Europe and now hosts the Seat of the Central Division of the UPC. The French system for patent litigation is centralized at the courts of Paris where specialist judges hear all patent cases. France is a well-known jurisdiction for “saisie-contrefaçon” which has been used for decades with specific caselaw to guide this practice. Assessment of infringement using the doctrine of equivalence or the theory of the reproduction of the essential means has also been well established for years, which gives more predictability for the use of the patent system. Several French legal and technical judges with great experience in French patent litigation are involved in the UPC. During the webinar, Sylvain Thivillier will discuss the key aspects of French patent litigation and explore the impact of the introduction of the UPC.

Sylvain Thivillier started his career in Intellectual Property at Regimbeau in 2004. After spending 2 years in the Paris office and 6 years in the Lyon office, Sylvain is the head of Regimbeau's Munich office, which he opened in 2012. He has been a Partner of Regimbeau since 2018.
Both a French and European Patent Attorney, and now UPC representative, Sylvain advises clients on all issues relating to the field of Patents, from the drafting of patent applications through to the granting procedures, including patent litigation. Notably he has gained a vast experience in European Law, dealing with several Oral Proceedings and Opposition cases before the EPO.
Sylvain has accumulated extensive and varied experiences, through his involvement in the development and management of IP portfolios for Startups and Small Businesses, as well as in multinational IP litigation. He regularly carries out legal consultations, particularly for Freedom to Operate, Due Diligence and the evaluation of Intangible Assets.


  • Sylvain Thivillier

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