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Webinar on Patent litigation in Italy: specifics for national proceedings and a future prospect in light of the UPC

Online: 10.07.2024

Starts: 10.07.2024 10:00hrs
Ends: 10.07.2024 11:00hrs




With the start of the UPC patentees will have the choice to litigate their European patents either before the UPC or before a national court. In this series of webinars the specifics of patent litigation before the national courts will be considered per country. In each webinar a specialist in the area of national and international litigation will highlight what procedural and substantial issues are specific for that country’s court proceedings and these will be put into relation with the proceedings that will be possible before the UPC. In that way a better choice can be made to either use the national court procedures or the UPC.

Italy is one of the major European markets and one of the leading European countries in terms of industrialization and manufacture. Thus, it is a regular venue for patent litigation.  Italian patent litigation takes place before IP sections of the courts, where specialist judges hear all patent cases. The judges, who do not have a technical background, are regularly assisted by court appointed experts, who are Italian and usually also European patent attorneys. This is likely one of the reasons why a significant part of the UPC technically qualified judges are Italian patent attorneys. In addition, Milan will soon host one of the three sites of the UPC central division and already hosts a local division, with Mr Paolo Catallozzi as a legally qualified judge of the UPC central division in Paris, Ms Emanuela Germano as legally qualified judge of the UPC court of appeal and other Italian judges appointed at the UPC local division in Milan. During the webinar, Micaela Modiano will, supported by Sara Morabito, discuss some of the special features of Italian patent litigation and the impact of the introduction of the UPC.

Micaela Modiano is a partner at Modiano & Partners in Milan, Italy, where she leads the life sciences and European patent departments. She is a European and Italian patent and trademark attorney with more than 25 years of experience. She specializes in international patent litigation and oppositions before the European Patent Office, as well as opinion work. Her practice mainly involves patents in the fields of life sciences, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals as well as SPCs. Micaela is co-founder and former board member of EPLIT, an association of European patent litigators. She is also a member of the epi council, of epi’s EPPC committee and a lecturer and speaker on patent law at international conferences and universities, including the European patent litigation course of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, and has authored/contributed to many articles and books on patent law. Micaela holds a BA in organic chemistry from Harvard University (US), an MSc in intellectual property management from Queen Mary University (GB), and a DESU in European patent litigation from the University of Strasbourg (FR).


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